The generosity
of our lands


Tenuta Belcorvo brings together the fruits of several vineyards located between Friuli and Eastern Veneto.
The Venzo Casali Vineyard, spanning 50 hectares, is the largest plot of the Group; the Aerocampo Militare Vineyard, located in front of the historic headquarters in Via Belcorvo, is one of the most strategic; along with the Sant’Andrea, Bosco Mantova, Bollacasa, Barse, Bondivecchio, and Campomolino Vineyards: for a total of 235 hectares of generous land.

Good soils,
excellent fruits


Between Veneto and Friuli, viticulture and oenology enjoy an ancient and renowned tradition. A fortuitous territory, in which ideal conditions give life to excellent wines. On the one hand, the mild climate, which is affected by the positive influence of the nearby Adriatic Sea; on the other, the quality of its soils, mostly clayey, rich in salt and very fertile.