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Quality bulk and bottled wines from our land: when the expertise of men meets the richness of nature, a unique, unmissable taste experience is born.

The estate

Tenuta Belcorvo is at the core of our business: a winery in the province of Treviso, in eastern Veneto, which produces bulk and bottled wines. Here is where it all began and here we still nurture our dream today, generation after generation.

The territory

Picture a green and industrious land, protected by the mild climate of the Adriatic Sea and blessed by a rich, fertile soil. Driven by our passion and accompanied by the excellence of our land, we work to produce quality red, white and sparkling wines in this area between Veneto and Friuli.

Our bottled wines

Our selection of bottled white and red wines offers to both

customers and amateurs a tasting experience which is definitely varied but characterised by unique, distinctive traits. Our proposal stems from the perfectly balanced encounter between experience, old techniques and modern innovation, starting with the processing of the grapes and ending with the bottling.

red wines

Bottled red wines that enhance the value of our land and tell the story of those who cultivate it with care: a never-ending search to create a taste experience you will remember for a long time.

White wines

Refined and versatile, our bottled white wines speak of the passion we put into everything we do. Choose them as the pairing for every recipe, with a touch of style.

Sparkiling wines

An aperitif with old friends, a toast together, a family celebration: Tenuta Belcorvo’s sparkling wines are born to celebrate your special moments.

Belcorvo blend

Tenuta Belcorvo’s bulk wines

Tenuta Belcorvo pays special attention to the production of quality bulk wines: fresh and light white, red and sparkling wines. We aim at bringing quality to your table every day, together with the possibility of choosing something new, discovering an array of rich and surprising aromas and tastes which can satisfy the desires of every palate.


Spritzzello is the aperitif Tenuta Belcorvo created for those who love being together without giving up taste and fun. Probello, aromas and that sparkling touch which immediately livens up the party: live the spritz side of life, discover Spritzzello!


Get in touch with Tenuta Belcorvo or come visit us at our wine shop. We will be waiting for you in Godega di Sant’Urbano in the province of Treviso, to introduce you to our company and our bulk and bottled wines.