Belcorvo cocktails

Spritzzello: live the spritz side of life!!

Spritzzello is the fresh and light cocktail we created with an eye to Veneto’s spritz tradition. It is captivating, spiced and ready-to-drink, a perfect aperitif to be enjoyed together with your friends, in a cool place or at home.

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Veneto’s aperitif will win you over

Spritzzello is made with sparkling Probello, an easy-drinking and graceful white wine. This is how the name for this new cocktail was born, joining the name of our wine to the one of traditional Veneto’s spritz!

Spritzzello’s secret formula

Try our idea of spritz

Spritzzello was created to satisfy a specific customer and market need, that is having a ready-to-drink aperitif.

In our version of the most famous aperitif from Veneto we decided to use sparkling Probello , one of our bulk white wines, as well as selected aromas.
You want to know about ingredient quantities? Those are a secret: our personal touch and our signature.

We have created a fresh, practical and ready-to-drink cocktail for those who love being together with no concerns!

Where to find our aperitif

Spritzzello in a bar, a restaurant or…at your own place!

You can find Spritzzello in the bars and restaurants of your area, especially in the most popular tourist destinations.

Good, fresh, captivating: our idea of spritz is designed for the summer season, but not merely that.

You can also buy it from our distributors and enjoy it at home with family and friends.

Spritzzello is perfectly paired with cicchetti (small food bites), appetizers and snacks. Serve it in a cold jug: the party effect is guaranteed!

The territory

Picture a green and industrious land, protected by the mild climate of the Adriatic Sea and blessed by a rich, fertile soil. Driven by our passion and accompanied by the excellence of our land, we work to produce quality red, white and sparkling wines in this area between Veneto and Friuli.


Get in touch with Tenuta Belcorvo or come visit us at our wine shop. We will be waiting for you in Godega di Sant’Urbano in the province of Treviso, to introduce you to our company and our bulk and bottled wines.