Tenuta Belcorvo - I nostri blend


Rich in tannins and with a pronounced spicy character. A robust red wine but light in its own way, easy to drink but elegant, full-bodied and persistent. It is served in classic red wine glasses, at a temperature of 18-20 °C.

Type: Red blends

Wine gradation: 12,0% Vol.

Serving temperature: 18-20 °C.

Tasting notes

On the palate it is dry, balanced, slightly sweet. Fairly robust body where tannins can be noted. In the mouth it is dry, smooth, warm but rather fresh and savoury, only slightly tart.

Food pairings

The pairing can range from stewed white or red meats, to spicy foods or medium-aged cheeses and appetizers of fresh cold cuts. It goes well with the typical dishes of Friuli cuisine.

The wine

The bouquet is quite intense, with a round aroma, which recalls hints of red fruit and spices.

Wine color

Dark ruby red, tending to purplish.

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