Tenuta Belcorvo - I nostri blend


A good wine to be enjoyed in company. Full-bodied, with an intense and persistent flavour. The bouquet is intensely scented and makes it pleasant from the first sip. It should be tasted in structured red wine glasses. Serving temperature: 18-20 °C.

Type: Red blends

Wine gradation: 12,0% Vol.

Serving temperature: 18-20 °C.

Tasting notes

The taste, dry, is structured, slightly tannic. Round, with acidic freshness, not very alcoholic and of medium astringency.

Food pairings

It goes well with baked pasta, boiled meats, roasted red meats, grilled and aged cheeses.

The wine

The scent is vinous, fruity and medium floral. You can perceive hints of violets and raspberries, but also of cherries and almonds, and a slight spiciness.

Wine color

Bright ruby red, with purple reflections.

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