Tenuta Belcorvo - I nostri blend


An intense wine, in aroma and taste. Pleasantly aromatic, with hints of spices that are accompanied by fruity and floral aromas. A white with understated body, which boasts low acidity and a pleasant persistence in the mouth. To be tasted in a glass with an ample bowl, at a temperature of 8-10 °C.

Type: White blends

Wine gradation: 11,5% Vol.

Serving temperature: 8-10 °C.

Tasting notes

Velvety on the palate, fresh and full. The taste is sweet, smooth and aromatic, not very acidic. Persistent in the mouth, also as an alcoholic finish, and with a nice balance between acidity, sapidity and smoothness.

Food pairings

Given the “spicy” taste, it is also suitable for oriental cuisine. It goes well with shellfish, especially when grilled, but also with rich egg-based dishes, such as Quiche Lorraine.

The wine

Characterised by intense and exuberant aromas, this wine has a strongly aromatic and complex nose. Its scents are reminiscent of spices (cinnamon, pepper) and candied fruit.

Wine color

Intense straw yellow with golden reflections.

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