Tenuta Belcorvo - I nostri blend


Wine of good consistency, with an interesting structure and olfactory complexity. Its bouquet is embracing, with pronounced aromas of wild berries. It should be tasted in a large red wine glass, with a serving temperature between 16 and 18 °C.

Type: Red blends

Wine gradation: 11,5% Vol.

Serving temperature: 16-18 °C.

Tasting notes

On the palate it is amiably smooth, warm, fruity, slightly tannic. It has a good structure and a full flavour.

Food pairings

Excellent to accompany hors d’oeuvres of salamis and cold cuts, pastas with meat sauces, braised roasts, grilled red meats, as well as polenta and cheeses.

The wine

The nose will pick up fragrances ranging from vinous – typical of young wines, with hints of must, cellars and marc – to fruity, with fragrances ranging from all kinds of berries (raspberry, black currant, blackberry, blueberry) .

Wine color

Bright ruby red, with violet reflections when it’s young.

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